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June, 2012

We run on donations.  Help keep our Unreal Tournament 2004 game servers operating by donating today. Thank you!

This message will be removed when we reach our $500.00 goal.


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UT is still the best FPS!

The UTMost Gaming League is your ultimate source for Unreal Tournament 2004.

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CTF-Facing Worlds
demo settings  / repeating maps


Our specialties are the heavily traveled Death Match/Rankin and the always popular ONSlaught/Torlan.  Check who is playing on the Game Servers page or the "Who's Playing" tab above.  If you love UT 2004 consider joining the UMG League Forum.


 If you have not played UT2004 or you gotta get that UT buzz you can download the demo from file planet and play on our servers.  The UT2004 Tweak Guide at TweakGuides.com will have you "unstoppable" in no time.

 If you are new to ONSlaught/Torlan check out Torlan 101, and have a look at this ONS-Torlan video. 



UTMost Gaming League Worldwide  

Our league members have engaged in unsurpassed Unreal Tournament 2004 game action for seven years and running.

 With over 2,000,000 matches played on Torlan and Rankin and 106 years of logged game time since their 2004 release, the players have become   

of tactical warfare on these maps transformed into chess boards.  Get in or get back in the action! Pros and noobs join for intense team battle and potential drama of biblical proportions.

Slideshow Masters of 200! 

(Numerous scores)


For the latest 200+ scores and comments 200+ Point Club, Top Scorers Created by Spawnylove »

 Our Forum

The Report a Cheat and Ban Appeal sections are a testament to the level of game play and breadth of experience UMG League players bring to this game.  Our forum has over 1900 members, 5,000 topics and 63,000 posts. Unreal discussion at its best!


If you love UT conversation consider joining the UtMost Gaming League.  It is quick and free!  Members get to meet great players, post in the forum, private messagesaccess to the sometimes controversial “Off Topic” section, and a voice supporting this remarkable game Unreal Tournament 2004.

 UMG League Admin Then Now Forever

UMG Admin

Semper Fidelis!

Forever under-appreciated challenged at every call the job of an Administrator at UMG League is not for the feint of heart nor inexperienced.  Accusations as well as evidence make up the calls on the 2.5 a day average botter bans over our seven years on the web.


Their record of accomplishment is documented and housed in the UMG Server Archive open for review for all league members and the public.  A great part of the longevity of UMG is the bot free environment our Admin provide.


Cheaters Beware!

Our Admin have adjudicated countless war crimes and dispatched over 1000 bots!  UMG Players help keep League servers "cheater free".  If you suspect a player is cheating gather evidence and present your findings to "Report a Cheat".

Thank you for your continued support. <3<3



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